Thursday, October 30, 2008

Snow! (A Little)

The first snowfall of the year is always an exciting event, even though I often dread the coming of winter. In our town, flurries floated through the air yesterday, but it was not something that could be called an "official" snowfall. None-the-less, it made me feel a bit of the up-coming holiday excitement. I could easily imagine Thanksgiving day just around the corner, and the tiny flakes even prompted me to start thinking about preparing a menu.

Shopping for Christmas also came to mind, and the fun things my family and I get to do because we take some days off in December for Christmas break.

All in all, that first sighting of snow flurries is a welcome thing. Just don't ask about snow in March. By that time, the excitement of white is LONG over, and the itch to see green grass, colorful flowers, and sunshine is hard to ignore.

When the first official snowfall comes to town, I'll be excited and happy that it brings good times, happy memories, and blessed moments with least until December 26th.


Tracy said...

Snow?! I'm so jealous! Want to trade? I can send you some low 90's temps for your snow flurries... Enjoy your new season! :) Blessings!

Laury said...

I love our season changes. Just when I'm tired of one another one comes along. Great blog, Dee.