Monday, March 30, 2009

What I'm Learning About the Amish

When I married my Mennonite/Amish husband twelve years ago, I wasn't totally ignorant of the Amish. I was born and raised in an area of Ohio where Amish families were my neighbors. As a child, I lived on a farm that sat between two Amish families and waved to them daily as they passed my house in their buggies. Later, I lived in an apartment building that overlooked a downtown grocery where Amish families hitched their horses and shopped. But I never knew the inside workings of the Amish or that many different belief systems exist within Amish communities.

My husband's family are from Holmes County, Ohio and most of them are New Order Amish. My husband's father left his Amish church as a young man and his family was raised in the Mennonite church. But the rest of Red John Yoder's Amish and Conservative Mennonite family didn't reject his children. We've attended many Yoder family reunions and been welcomed with open arms. I've since learned that this is not always the way it is with Amish groups, especially among the more strict Swartzentruber or Old Order communities.

Here are a few things that surprised me about some Amish communities:

* Many Amish communities do not preach the gospel! I know several ex-Old Order Amish who say they never heard the gospel message until someone else told them about it. Furthermore, Old Order communities often shun those who claim to have had a "born again" experience. Yes. I said "shun" and believe me, it is NOT a pleasant experience!

*The Bible is written in German for Amish people--many of them can't understand enough German to know what the scriptures say in their own Bibles! They speak Pennsylvania-Dutch, a German dialect, and learn English as children, but their Bibles are written in a language that most of them do not understand!

*Group Bible studies are mostly forbidden! I had a hard time understanding the why of this one. It shocked me that the most "religiously" viewed group in the world won't allow its members to study the very book that supposedly sets them apart! The reason: it is the leader's place to interpret scriptures for the Amish.

*Most of the members of the Old Order church are encouraged to obey the Ordnung over the Bible. If they question, they are told they need to do things the way their forefathers did. Period. End of discussion.

*Many Old Order Amish live their lives in fear of failure, or fear of not pleasing parents, bishop, or other community leaders. (And I always naively thought of them as being perfectly happy.)

*Superstitions abound in the Old Order Amish communities. Wayward children and members are many times brought back into line by use of ancient superstitions.

*Letters will be written and interventions will be performed to members who think or talk about leaving their communities. Some of these letters and interventions would be called coercive and abusive in any other religious group.

*Abuse of women and children is often tolerated or not turned in to local authorities. And sometimes, in areas of saturated Amish communities, local authorities turn a blind eye to the abuse going on in an Amish home. A man can abuse his daughter and get no more than 4-6 weeks of not being allowed to go to church as "punishment".

*The Ordnung, or list of rules that each Amish community lives by, is at the whim of the current bishop. The bishop can make or break a community and Amish families often move to escape a bishop who is too strict with his group.

*Old Order Amish do not believe a person can know they are going to heaven when they die. This kind of belief is considered "vain" and prideful, so these people are always striving to attain salvation through works alone.

*Many ex-Amish will not get involved with religion ever again. Their experiences make them gun-shy of any kind of organized religion.

*Old Order Amish groups believe that if you are born Amish, you cannot go to heaven as anything BUT Amish. If you leave, you are going to Hell. This fuels their often overboard attempts to keep their children Amish, and leads to sometimes cruel behavior such as shunning.

I could tell you many more interesting and sometimes alarming things I've learned over the years, but one of the most interesting things I've learned is not about the Amish, but about the Englishers. (To the Amish, that is anyone who is not born Amish. That would be me. And you.)

What I've learned about my own kind is this: it seems that even good Christians grow defensive and protective of the Amish culture when less than favorable topics are brought up about this popular group of people. Don't get me wrong, I love my Amish in-laws, and they have shown me great love and have also been open in their belief of the need for Christ to bring about salvation. However, I don't for minute accept that ALL of my Amish in-laws are born-again Christians just because they are Amish!

As Christians, we should care MORE about their souls than about their quaint and fun-to-view life-styles. What good does it do our Amish neighbors when we English fawn over their culture and buy their beautiful goods, if, when the time comes, they go to eternity without knowing the Lord? As Christians, our hearts should be burdened to share our faith with our Amish friends and neighbors, just as we would with any other group who does not know the saving grace of Christ Jesus.

Don't just be a tourist: be a missionary! Share the gospel as much as you can and be a light to those who need Jesus even if they do wear kapps and drive cute buggies. If you have been enamored of the Amish, I challenge you to look beyond the outside and pray for the heart that beats inside each Amish person you meet. The Lord loves them and desires a closer walk with them, too.

I challenge churches who have Amish communities around them to find resources to help you reach out to your Amish neighbors. Don't assume they "know" the Lord just because they have set themselves apart in dress and culture. Pray for God to open doors for you to share the gospel, and more than anything: look beyond the quaint and curious and seek the Lord to show ways you can be a missionary to these groups of people!

For more great information about understanding the Amish, go to Mission to Amish People (MAP). This is a website written by ex-Old Order Amish who have a heart for the Amish people and desire to see more Amish led to Christ.

But now a righteousness from God, apart from law, has been made known, to which the Law and the Prophets testify. This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.

God presented him as a sacrifice of atonement, through faith in his blood. He did this to demonstrate his justice, because in his forbearance he had left the sins committed beforehand unpunished–he did it to demonstrate his justice at the present time, so as to be just and the one who justifies those who have faith in Jesus.

Where, then, is boasting? It is excluded. On what principle? On that of observing the law? No, but on that of faith. Romans 3:21-27, The Holy Bible, NIV

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Creation Museum: Cincinnati, Ohio

My family and I visited the Creation Museum this weekend. It is a few hours from our home so we had an excuse to get away for four days.

The museum is located just a few miles from the greater Cincinnati airport in Kentucky. It has a lovely outdoor area that enhances the setting of the museum itself.

One thing I discovered that I didn't know before we went is that the emphasis through the entire museum is on the connection between the creation of mankind in Genesis, and the importance of knowing we were created for a reason. The link between God and man, the ills we suffer because of sin and our disconnect to God, and the salvation of man through Christ are the dominant themes. It is very much a passion of Ken Hamm to bring this truth to the world and he does so in a modern, very-up-to-date museum.

If you get a chance to visit this museum, here are some tips:

* Go in the late Spring or early Summer so you can see the wonderful outside areas that surround the museum.

* The lines for the food courts can be long: try the downstairs eatery if the main floor eatery (Noah's Cafe) is too crowded. There are two sides to Noah's cafe: one for Cincinnati style chili and hot dogs and one for sandwiches (very good!) and other items. The downstairs eatery is Mexican food and the lines aren't as long.

*The downstairs restrooms aren't as busy as the upstairs ones either.

*If it's warm, you can bring a picnic lunch--there are plenty of shelters and picnic areas available for outside eating.

*There's a petting zoo outside for children.

*If it's the weekend, try to book a room at nearby hotels early. There is a casino and race track within a few miles of the museum so rooms may fill up quickly.

*Check the Creation Museum website for hotels that offer packages that include the room price plus tickets to the museum.

We really enjoyed our visit to the museum. Hope you get a chance to go soon!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Boys: Be Polite!

Today while grocery shopping, I had a chance to observe several "pairs"; pairs of humans, that is. They were mostly younger than 18, and one annoying thing I noticed was how many boys were striding ahead of their girls. The girls were tagging along behind the boys like puppies!

Acck! Where is chivalry? Why are those guys leaving their girlfriends behind? I watched as the guys entered the store first, pulled out the carts, and with nary a backward glance, got down to business with whatever task they were trying to accomplish. The entire time, the girls just lagged behind at their boyfriend's heels. Oh man. Is this what we've accomplished with our liberating freedom from "roles"?

My son hasn't shown an interest in dating yet, but I intend to sit him down and let him know that if I EVER see him striding along with his girlfriend at his heels, he's gonna have to answer to me!

Maybe he'll learn from the example of his dad. My hubby ALWAYS waits for me...opens the car door...holds the doors open when we enter a building and I appreciate that in him! He often guides me, or takes my hand in parking lots. Not that I'm helpless (NOT a word he would use to describe me), but I can tell he wants to protect and safe-guard me.

Let's hear it for chivalry! Guys, get out there and be REAL men: try being chivalrous to your girlfriends. You'll be surprised at how much they will appreciate your kindness to them.

Remember: "Love always protects..." I Corinthians 13:7

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Lord, He is Holy!

I often don't have time to listen to music until late at night. I can't tell you how many times I've lain on the floor, closed my eyes, and let the music--the holy and creative spirit of my God--wash over me through song.

I feel like my soul can't hold the awesome loveliness and the peace, and the holiness of my God in those moments.

I'm drawn to songs that speak of God's holiness and mercy. How can those two things reside in the same Being? My mind doesn't know this answer, but my soul knows. My soul rises to meet His holiness and my hands wave in adoration and gratefulness for His mercy to me.

I often can't even sing along--I have to let His Spirit minister and let the tears flow...words can't express the love He grows in my heart when I simply lie there and soak up His power.

I think, when I get to heaven, I won't be able to contain myself anymore! I'll soar with the angels when the saints and the cherubim, the seraphim and the redeemed, lift their voices together to praise our God!

"This early Saturday morning, I let You in, Lord. I tear down all the world's walls built by hands covered with cares, and loneliness, and pain. I lie here and let Your Holy Spirit pour the balm of grace over my soul. I offer my tears of worship and nothing more. Nothing but praise and worship to You, Lord. No entreaties and no pleas...simply me...letting You in...letting You heal...letting You minister...letting You love."

We cry Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb...we cry Holy, Holy, Holy...we cry Holy, Holy...Holy is the Lamb! Holy are You Lord!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Fiction:

I'm hosting Friday Fiction today and I'm sorry to say I got off to a late start! Please feel free to leave a link to your post and enjoy the great fiction!

My contribution is a story I wrote for the Challenge with "missions" as the topic. It's based on the year my family and I helped to start and build a church outside of Chicago, in Griffith, Indiana.

Dear Melinda, How Are You?
By Dee Yoder

September 22, 1965

Dear Melinda,

How are you? I’m fine. I’ve only been in Griffith for two weeks, and I already miss Ohio!

We’re going through the neighborhood tomorrow to pass out flyers about our new church. I hope I don’t see any kids from my school. I’m embarrassed enough to have church there every Sunday.

We’re staying with the Richards, but I hope we get our own house soon. (Get this: Sister Richard freezes the milk! It makes my cereal cold and slushy.)

BFA, *


October 10, 1965

Dear Melinda,

How are you doing? I’m fine.

Brother Richard helped us find a house! It’s really cool. It has a breezeway, and a patio! (FYI: the milkman on our route is cute, too.)

We had 23 people in service on Sunday. Afterward, we visited a family who lives in the country. They have a LOT of kids. Dad said they’re poor, and I believe it! There were CHICKENS running around in their yard. All of the kids had tennis shoes with holes in the toes. I felt sorry for them, but Mom said they’re rich in the Lord, so I guess that’s good.

I miss you. I wish my Mom would let me live with you in Ohio. Why did MY family have to come to Indiana to help start this church?

There’s a mean man on our street who slammed his door really hard when Brother Richard invited him to church this Sunday. Brother Richard’s face turned red, but he said he was going to pray extra hard for that man. I hope so because he needs it! I don’t like him at ALL!!!

I’m going to help Sister Richard with a puppet show this week. It’ll be so much fun, and I won’t have to help set the chairs out. Yippee! Mom said the Richards are getting tired, and we should do what we can to show our support. Easy, if I can help like this!

I’m going to use Prell tonight to shampoo my hair. I hope I get the pearl from the bottom! I’ll send it to you, if I do!!



November 20, 1965

Dear Melinda,

How are you? How is Scruffy? Did his poodle cut turn out right?

We’ve invited the town to come to the school to eat Thanksgiving dinner. I’m going to bake chocolate pies! Mom and Sister Richard will cook the food, while Dad and Brother Richard set up tables. Brother Richard said the Lord wants us to share with needy families in town. I hope we’ll have enough food for everyone!!

Guess what? We’re going to start building our REAL church! It will take all winter, but I can’t wait for the church to move out of my school. Mrs. Smith, a teacher who comes to church, embarrassed me at lunch today. She spied me as I propped my arms on the table, and she yelled, “Thompson! Elbows off the table!” All the kids looked at me and laughed. Boy! Some Christian! I don’t think I’ll speak to her on Sunday.

I’ll write more later-- American Bandstand is coming on TV!

UR2sweet2B4gotten, ***


December 26, 1965

Dear Melinda,

Guess what? We had a blizzard! The Richards are stuck at our house. The snow is up to the front window! Dad and Brother Richard shoveled sidewalks all Christmas afternoon for the neighbors. Most of them don’t even come to our church. I wouldn’t do that!

Our new church finally has walls. Dad says it’ll be ready by spring. There are 55 people in our church now. The Richards and my parents pray every morning for the church to grow. I hope God listens; the faster it grows, the sooner we can move back to Ohio.

Stay sweet,


April 18, 1966

Dear Melinda,

The building is finished, and there are 72 people in our church! The Richards are moving to a new town, but we’re moving home!

The church gave us a good-bye party, and all the ladies cried. I cried, too. I guess I’ll miss them, even Mrs. Smith. (A little.) It’ll be strange not seeing them anymore. I hope the church keeps right on growing and growing.

I can’t wait to see you! I’ll show you the pictures of Griffith and our new church when we get home. The families are so nice here; maybe we’ll visit them again someday.

See you later, Alligator, in just a while, Crocodile!

Lydia (Your Soon-to-be-former-Hoosier Friend)

Girlfriend Lingo: *Best Friends Always, **Oh you cute-tee, I envy you, ***You are too sweet to be forgotten

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm not a farmer person. I like crops and stuff but the animals and their residual waste products are totally unappealing to me. I'm a suburb kind of gal. So what in the world am I trying to do being a farmer on Facebook?

I'm failing, that's what! I just saw that I had "somehow" planted a couple or so fields of potatoes that went "to waste". Uh huh. Like I said...I'm a 'burb girl. I didn't even know I had planted those dern potatoes and phooey! They were already gone! Well, after an hour of trying to figure out how to buy seeds, I finally planted a few more fields of potatoes. (Fast cash crop, y'know?) I set the email to alert me when they're ready to be harvested. Not gonna "waste" them this time!

I have a tiny garden in real life, too. In it I plant tomatoes, green onions, green peppers, and parsley...some sage...a few basil plants. I figure these few plants can keep me cooking all summer. I love my little garden and I also plant a few flowers to cut and put in vases. I have a separate herb garden by the house. It has been taken over by the oregano and mint. I let them go...too hard to try to rein them in. A few sprigs of lemon thyme grow by my shed doors. They smell wonderful when crushed back by the opened doors.

I'm happy with my little raised bed and my scattering of herbs. I don't want to plant tons and tons of stuff that have to be harvested. If I get a hankering to see tons of crops, I just look out my window. The farmer behind my plot of land rotates his corn and soy beans so I can see rows upon rows of good growing things without having to do all the work. It's fun to watch his tractor plant and spray and harvest. It's even more fun to be swinging lazily on my porch swing while the work is being done.

I think I need to grow a farmer's heart, though, when it comes to the planting, tending, and harvesting of souls. I may be too lazy in that area, too. I like swinging on my porch swing and cheering on the workers too much, I think. The Word says the fields are ripe for harvest...think I'd better get out my gloves, my farm tools, and get to work. See you in the fields!

Friday, March 13, 2009

And the Winner Is...

It's giveaway time! I have placed the names of those who commented on this post and now have each name in my nice, warm winter hat (with the faux fur trim). My son, Joseph, will be my assistant and will be choosing the name from the hat. (Be assured: he has is eyes closed.)

Ahem. Drumroll please...

Joseph is picking the name from the hat...he's looking at it...and the name of the winner is: SHERRI WARD!

Yay, Sherri! I'll be contacting you on your blog to let you know that your name was pulled from the hat!

And as a surprise added bonus, I've decided to pick one more name!

Joseph is picking out another paper from the hat... he's opening it up and the name of the second winner is: LYNN YODER!

Congratulations, Lynn! I'll be contacting you soon, too!

You're both the winners of the wonderful book Women of Passions: Ordinary Women Serving an Extraordinary God put out by Heart of God International.


And if anyone else would like to order this book, it can be ordered directly from Heart of God International (which is a discounted way to order!), please click HERE.

Thanks to those of you who entered my first ever giveaway and I'll be contacting each of you also, because I have a little "thank you" I want to send to you for entering. It was fun! I plan to do more of these in the future so stay tuned.

Friday Fiction: The Silence of the Day

For more great fiction, go to Rhonda's Beach Reads.

The Silence of the Day
by Dee Yoder

Sara adjusted the apron covering her skirt and pushed the hair off her sweating forehead. The chickens scattered away from her advancing feet; their protesting squawks rang in the still air. She spied a lone chick, scrawny and trembling. The other chickens had pushed it aside again, not allowing it to eat or drink for the second day. She scooped it into the palm of her hand, and tucked it into her apron pocket, then continued scattering feed to the hungry birds.
After feeding the flock, she returned to the cool shade of the Soddy. She searched out a thin piece of fabric and fluffed a meager bed in the corner near the window, then removed the tiny creature from her pocket. She knelt and laid the bird on the pile. He fit perfectly on his fabric bed, and she watched him nestle in, the sun shining a warm ray across his pale, wispy feathers. She placed a small mound of grain and a saucer of water in front of him, and waited for him to find his meal. He stirred; ate, drank, and then tucked his head into his downy feathers to sleep.
“…as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings…,”* Sarah whispered.
Her lonely voice reached only her own ears, and an ache grew in her chest to hear his voice again. Her eyes glazed over as she stared unseeing at the chick, and she daydreamed of a sweet reunion soon.
She grabbed the edge of the table, pulled herself upright, then reached for the tin pail by the door.
“Time to fetch the water,” she said to no one.
Her feet carried her down the worn path, along the edge of the untamed prairie, to the small stream that gurgled through the bluestem grass and over the horizon. The silence of the day overwhelmed her suddenly, and she began to cry. She dipped her pail into the stream, her motions robotic and tired, and all the while her tears traced a path through the dust that was ever present on her cheeks.
Back and forth she trudged, the monotony of her chores pulling her through her long, lonely day.
“It’s time for supper,” she told the little chick, who was now perched at the edge of his makeshift bed.
The chick peeped loudly and the sound hurt her ears. She lifted the baby bird, and took him back to the flock. She watched closely to see that he was not injured before she left him alone in the coop.
Evening approached as she wandered to the nearest field to gaze hungrily at the empty expanse of grass and sky. The bottom of the sky was streaked with red, purple, and pink clouds but the beauty of the sunset had long since lost its appeal. Her eyes scanned the distant waves of grass from left to right, then right to left, hoping, and praying that his familiar figure would appear. The view disappointed her, once again. Her shoulders slumped, her heart tightened in her chest, and the silent tears returned.
After supper, she lit the lamp on the table, and opened the worn Bible that lay in her lap. An hour passed quietly. Then two hours. At times, she read aloud, just to hear her own voice, but finally, she grew silent along with the sleeping prairie. The night threw its black cloak over the Soddy, confining her to the circle of light cast from the lamp. The howling of the night animals began and she shivered. She lifted her eyes fearfully to the paper-paned window, but then forced her gaze downward again to the book in her lap.
“…the Lord will preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth…”**
As the night wore on, she dozed uncomfortably in her chair. She wouldn’t sleep alone in the bed while he was gone for supplies.
The sun of the hot, dry morning pulled her from sleep. She stretched, wiped her weary eyes, and stepped out to view the flat fields.
She held their future and their dreams in her hands. She dared not falter, or fail. She subdued her fears, her loneliness, and her sadness as she waited for her husband’s return. They had two more years to occupy the land before it would finally belong to them. She sighed, adjusted the apron covering her skirt, and went to feed the chickens. Another day had begun on the prairie.

*Luke 13:34 The Holy Bible, King James Version
**Psalms 121:8 The Holy Bible, King James Version

Author’s Note: The Homestead Act was a US Federal law that granted 160 acres of land in the developing American West to those age 21 or above who built a house, and lived continuously on the land for 5 years. To keep others from claiming their land, men were often forced to leave their families behind on the prairie, sometimes for weeks, while they traveled alone to distant towns for needed supplies. Many pioneer women endured these lonely and dangerous weeks to secure their family’s future.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Even the Smallest Americans

Saying that it is time that "even the smallest Americans make a positive contribution," the Obama Administration issued an Executive Order reversing the Bush Administration's policy of prohibiting the use of tax dollars to fund the harvesting of stem cells from aborted fetuses.

"In the new America we are building, all will be asked to make sacrifices for the common good," the Executive Order read. "What would otherwise be mere waste biological refuse from uncompleted pregnancies can be used for the advancement of scientific research and the treatment of the seriously ill."

"Surely, it is more noble for these tissues to be used to help treat the sick then that they be simply discarded," the President argued. "Saving the lives of other Americans is, in my view, a more practical and moral disposition of these materials. It gives hope to the hopeless. It is the kind of change we can believe in."
(Quote from Free Republic by John Semmens--I added the empahasis)

UGH. It is disgusting to hear this man say this: "Even the smallest Americans make a positive contribution"!?

Guess what, Obama: these "smallest Americans" didn't DECIDE to contribute. What a horrible and, as The Radio Patriot said, "positively Orwellian" thing to say! Is this statement front-page news? It should be. Ironically, Obama is FINALLY recognizing that these "tissues" are Americans. That MUST mean they are PEOPLE. That's more than the pro-abortion crowd has conceded over the years. But what a way to earn citizenship.

I challenge my representatives from Ohio to defend this horrible statement from Obama. Any takers? Senator Voinovich? Senator Brown? Representative Jordan? Are you PROUD of this moment in American history?

If this is an example of the "New America" Obama is building, I'd be ashamed to be one of his "workers".

Sunday, March 8, 2009

To Celebrate Women of God: First Ever Giveaway!

I know many women who are lovely examples of Christ. These Godly women touch my life with their devotion to God, to their families, and to His people. If you think about it, women have always had a great influence on their friends, communities, families, and most of all, their children when it comes to spiritual knowledge.

To celebrate women of God, I've decided that nothing would better illustrate these spiritual mentors than this FREE giveaway of a truly inspiring anthology!


In this book, you will find personal testimonies written by these authors: Joanne Sher of An Open Book, LauraLee Shaw of LauraLee's Lifesong, Julie Arduini of The Surrendered Scribe, Jan Ross of The Plumb Line, Mid Stutsman of Mid's Point, and Yvonne Blake of My Back Door, plus many more. The title of this wonderful anthology is Women of Passions: Ordinary Women Serving an Extraordinary God, put out by Heart of God International.

This book came in third place at the Christian Choice Book Awards in the devotional category. To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post. (One entry per person, please!) All the names will be written on a piece of paper and put into a hat. One winner will be randomly chosen by my son, Joseph. Don't miss out on an opportunity to win this wonderful and inspiring book! The give-away deadline is Friday, March 13th at noon , and I'll post the results and contact the winner by 6 PM on Friday, March 13th.

If you'd like to order more copies of this wonderful book directly from Heart of God International (which is a discounted way to order!), please click HERE.

Thanks for entering my first ever blog giveaway!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who Is My God?

He is the loving Father I run to when:

I'm weeping either from sorrow, or sadness, or pain, and He wipes away every tear from my eye.

I'm feeling insecure and don't know which way to turn.

I need a touch of His gentle hand on my soul to remind me Who is in control of all things in my life.

He is the Great I Am:

Who takes my breath away when I view His magnificent creations!

Who causes the winds and the seas and the sun to do His bidding!

Who makes the rocks cry out in praise to Him!

He is the Potter:

Who lovingly molds my heart, and my life, and my soul into just the right vessel to reach my world.

Who burns out the dross of ambition, jealousy, selfishness, and ambivalence from my heart.

Who brings me forth as gold, and then polishes and crafts the talents He has placed within me.

He is my Salvation:

Who leads me home to Heaven when my work on earth is done!

Who breaks the bonds of sin and death so that I can live forever just the way He intended His creation to be!

Who heals my body and my mind when I call to Him in desperate times!

He is the Alpha and the Omega...the Beginning and the End!

Give ear, O, ye Heavens, and I will speak...
And hear, O, earth, the words of my mouth.
Thy doctrine shall drop as the rain
Thy speech shall distill as the dew
As the rain upon the gentle herb
As the flowers upon the grass
Give ear, O, ye Heavens, and I will speak!

Blessed shalt thou be in the city...
And blessed shalt thou be in the fields
The Lord shall open His good treasures
And bless all the works of thy hand

The Lord is my strength and song
He shall become my salvation!

He is my God, I will exalt Him!
He is my God, I will exalt Him
The Lord shall reign forever and ever!
The Lord shall reign forever and ever!
And ever! And ever!

By Dale Wood

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Something for FREE?!

I love giveaways and I especially love FREE books! I'm inviting you to watch this blog in the coming days for a chance to win a FREE book. I'll have everything in place in a couple of days, so don't forget to check back soon.