Saturday, July 14, 2018

If You Live in Amish Country ...

If you live in Amish country, you know how frightening it is to be the driver of a car that suddenly comes upon a buggy. 

One hilly, winding road in our area of Ohio is traveled frequently by the Amish and Conservative Mennonites. I bite my nails when we take that road, concerned we might pop over a hill and find a buggy in our path. 

Yes, the buggies are quaint, but I'm always nervous for the Plain folks who are traveling on fast moving roads in a slow moving buggy.

This article in The New York Times describes how rural New York communities are grappling with the increased buggy traffic that's come with Amish moving into their areas. It truly is a tragic event when a car and buggy collide - for the Amish and for the English.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Mennonite Hair Art

The Victorian era was well-known to be a time in history when people were fascinated with ways to memorialize their deceased loved ones. 

Hair art, that is, hair taken from loved ones after their death and fashioned into all kinds of memory pieces, were quite common. But who knew that even the Plain people used hair to, not only memorialize, but to honor their families?

This article from Mennonite World Review gives a fascinating glimpse at art formed from hair, and the story behind some of these creations.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Do the Amish Play Sports?

Do the Amish play sports? Yes! We watched Amish young ladies in Mt. Hope one year playing in a volleyball tournament. It was serious business! This article from The Wooster Daily Record, a few years back, describes sports among the Amish. Volleyball and softball seem to be the favorite games.

One caveat - the author of this article is a bit off about rumspringa. It's not about "tasting the world" before joining the church. It's more about joining the youth for singing on Sunday nights and the beginning of finding a good match for a spouse.

And part of that rumspringen experience is similar to English teens: Sports!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Amish Farm Tools Redesigned for Use on African Farms

What a great idea being presented on Michigan Radio about redesigns of Amish farm equipment for African countries ! The Amish certainly still make use of hand equipment and horse powered farm implements so their knowledge and manufacturing would be a wonderful asset to tap into. Here's a quote from the article: 

"Many of the tools Tillers looks to as models are still produced by Amish manufacturers. According to Kline, these tools still work well and they are also very sustainable." 

This is insight that can be quite relevant to countries where a simpler way to farm is essential to life. It's a win-win collaboration. Be sure to listen to the radio podcast included at the top of the article for more information.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Jack Witt shares his three-day jaunt through Ohio's Amish country in this article shared on my Dee Yoder Author of Christian Fiction Facebook page. It's a good itinerary to follow for those with a short amount of time to spend in Amish country.

The photo is of an Amish young lady applying chocolate decorations to the yummy confections created at the Coblentz Chocolate Company in Walnut Creek.

Ohio's Amish country is a great place to visit!

I have Amish and Mennonite in-laws there, too, so it's usually a family gathering that takes my family to Holmes County and surrounding areas, but there a lot of wonderful things to see!

Just remember, though, that most shops close on the weekdays and Saturdays at five or six o'clock, and most shops in the Amish areas are closed on Sundays. That's when nearby Millersburg is a good place to explore. Enjoy the journey!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Lael Harrelson's Tremors of Doubt Book is Fantastic!

If you haven't yet read Lael Harrelson's Tremors of Doubt novel, you're in for a treat. It's a wonderful story filled with great characters and situations.

Learn more about Lael and the reasons she wrote this story at Amish Fiction Authors website. Her book is unique, well-written, and chock full of details about the conservative Mennonite's she knows well. I highly recommend it!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Season of Waiting

Spring is here! I spent most of the winter working on revisions and edits for my boomer novel, The Whole World and All, which is due to be out this year! (2018).

And now comes the season of waiting.

Before I had a publishing contract, I envisioned my book being published as something that happens quickly. Edits. Revisions. And then, voila! The book.

But, in most cases, there's a flurry of work sent back and forth between writer and editors, and then comes the time when the last initial edits are sent.

That last set of edits signifies the season of waiting. The initial changes have been made, and now it's time for the publisher's editors to take the manuscript in hand and do the final edits and revisions.

For the writer, this season of waiting can seem yeeeears long. But I've learned that this is an important time for me to regroup, work on another project, or delve into ideas for marketing my new "baby", once it's ready for the world to see.

Life is like that, too. Everything good has a time of being built. Being molded. Being perfected. When we rush through these processes, or skip them altogether, we later find mistakes are made, which leads to regret for not having the patience to simply wait until the final product is fully refined.

So, yes, my manuscript is being honed and polished. Edits and revisions are working their magic on my words. And I wait, with great anticipation, but also with the knowledge that patience is rewarded by the final production of a good book.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, November 24, 2017

It's almost ready! This market will help support the apartment building which will house former Amish who need a place to stay and to stay and work in the fragile days right after they make a decision to leave their Amish communities.

 Here's information from the Facebook page:

"Beyond Measure Market is located in Savannah OH, and part of Mission to Amish People, a ministry that reaches out to Amish and former Amish people.

The bulk food store is being built to help pay for New Beginnings apartment housing, also going up on the same property. To learn more about the Mission to Amish People, Beyond Measure Market and New Beginnings Homestead, go to"

It's been a long time coming, and I'm excited to know the wait is nearly over!