Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Season of Waiting

Spring is here! I spent most of the winter working on revisions and edits for my boomer novel, The Whole World and All, which is due to be out this year! (2018).

And now comes the season of waiting.

Before I had a publishing contract, I envisioned my book being published as something that happens quickly. Edits. Revisions. And then, voila! The book.

But, in most cases, there's a flurry of work sent back and forth between writer and editors, and then comes the time when the last initial edits are sent.

That last set of edits signifies the season of waiting. The initial changes have been made, and now it's time for the publisher's editors to take the manuscript in hand and do the final edits and revisions.

For the writer, this season of waiting can seem yeeeears long. But I've learned that this is an important time for me to regroup, work on another project, or delve into ideas for marketing my new "baby", once it's ready for the world to see.

Life is like that, too. Everything good has a time of being built. Being molded. Being perfected. When we rush through these processes, or skip them altogether, we later find mistakes are made, which leads to regret for not having the patience to simply wait until the final product is fully refined.

So, yes, my manuscript is being honed and polished. Edits and revisions are working their magic on my words. And I wait, with great anticipation, but also with the knowledge that patience is rewarded by the final production of a good book.

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