Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Quilt Gardens Offer a Unique Visit

The Quilt Gardens at Elkhart, Indiana offer "over a million vibrant blooms." The quilt-patterned gardens feature eighteen large gardens and twenty-one hand-painted murals.

The gardens are free and are on display through October 1. Each garden is unique, with individual stories behind each intricate design.

What a lovely way to celebrate flowers, quilts, and art!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Amish Solar Powered Phone Shack

My friend Chris and I went on a day trip to Holmes County last week.

We discovered this solar powered phone shack (I think) on the roads around Trail.

This area was the only place we saw the solar power on outbuildings, but we limited our road trip to Berlin, Walnut Creek, a bit of Bunker Hill, and Trail.

Many Amish bishops in Holmes County are trying to persuade their parishioners to give up the cell phones that were allowed for business, and make use of black box phones instead. 

I wonder if the solar screen is to power the black box phones? Innovative idea!