Monday, October 22, 2012

Jan's One Hundred Words

My friend Jan Ackerson writes great flash fiction. One hundred word stories, in fact. She dropped by to leave us a tasty bite. If you'd like to read more of her stories, take a look at her blog, One Hundred Words. Thanks, Jan!

Still Running

Now that Elise was alone, she stopped cooking, relying instead on Lean Cuisine. She stopped reading, too, and spent long hours with the television on, deftly clicking the remote without looking at the buttons.

But she didn’t stop running; every morning she headed out, covering the same route as always, not thinking. Today, however, she slowed to a jog, then stopped, trying to remember why she ran. What was the point, really?

Perhaps this unexpected color on the sidewalk is what made her stop. She looked down, aware of her lips forming an awkward smile. She searched for a pebble.