Friday, November 24, 2017

It's almost ready! This market will help support the apartment building which will house former Amish who need a place to stay and to stay and work in the fragile days right after they make a decision to leave their Amish communities.

 Here's information from the Facebook page:

"Beyond Measure Market is located in Savannah OH, and part of Mission to Amish People, a ministry that reaches out to Amish and former Amish people.

The bulk food store is being built to help pay for New Beginnings apartment housing, also going up on the same property. To learn more about the Mission to Amish People, Beyond Measure Market and New Beginnings Homestead, go to"

It's been a long time coming, and I'm excited to know the wait is nearly over!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Publishing Contract for "The Whole World and All"

I'm happy to announce I've signed a publishing contract with Breath of Fresh Air Press for my boomer/coming-of age novel The Whole World and All.

I'm very excited about this manuscript being published! The novel is set in the mid-1960's amidst the turmoil and change of that decade, and this change affects the main character, Annie Thomas, too. She's moved into a new city, a new school, and neighborhood. New teacher, classmates, and friends. New everything! Is she ready?

This novel is funny and frank, as Annie steers a course through early adolescence and the awakening of her mind and spirit to the world around her. Suddenly, she discovers there are scarier things in this life than monsters and frightening fairy tales. The Viet Nam war sears a place in Annie's heart and troubles her thoughts, even as she sleeps. Moving into a suburb for the first time brings its own challenges, and a bully who threatens with more than jeers sets her mind on finding a way to subdue his nasty nature.

I'll update as the publishing process progresses, so watch this space!