Friday, March 13, 2009

And the Winner Is...

It's giveaway time! I have placed the names of those who commented on this post and now have each name in my nice, warm winter hat (with the faux fur trim). My son, Joseph, will be my assistant and will be choosing the name from the hat. (Be assured: he has is eyes closed.)

Ahem. Drumroll please...

Joseph is picking the name from the hat...he's looking at it...and the name of the winner is: SHERRI WARD!

Yay, Sherri! I'll be contacting you on your blog to let you know that your name was pulled from the hat!

And as a surprise added bonus, I've decided to pick one more name!

Joseph is picking out another paper from the hat... he's opening it up and the name of the second winner is: LYNN YODER!

Congratulations, Lynn! I'll be contacting you soon, too!

You're both the winners of the wonderful book Women of Passions: Ordinary Women Serving an Extraordinary God put out by Heart of God International.


And if anyone else would like to order this book, it can be ordered directly from Heart of God International (which is a discounted way to order!), please click HERE.

Thanks to those of you who entered my first ever giveaway and I'll be contacting each of you also, because I have a little "thank you" I want to send to you for entering. It was fun! I plan to do more of these in the future so stay tuned.


Sherri Ward said...

O MY GOSH! Gee, thanks Dee! You have blessed my heart! You can email me at or either one should work.

Catrina Bradley said...

I guess my name didn't yell loud enough. :-)

Congrats to Lynn and Sherri!!!

Joanne Sher said...

SSSSooooo cool, Sherri! and Cat - I'll probably have another giveaway at some point. Hang in there - or just but it, silly!!!