Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm not a farmer person. I like crops and stuff but the animals and their residual waste products are totally unappealing to me. I'm a suburb kind of gal. So what in the world am I trying to do being a farmer on Facebook?

I'm failing, that's what! I just saw that I had "somehow" planted a couple or so fields of potatoes that went "to waste". Uh huh. Like I said...I'm a 'burb girl. I didn't even know I had planted those dern potatoes and phooey! They were already gone! Well, after an hour of trying to figure out how to buy seeds, I finally planted a few more fields of potatoes. (Fast cash crop, y'know?) I set the email to alert me when they're ready to be harvested. Not gonna "waste" them this time!

I have a tiny garden in real life, too. In it I plant tomatoes, green onions, green peppers, and parsley...some sage...a few basil plants. I figure these few plants can keep me cooking all summer. I love my little garden and I also plant a few flowers to cut and put in vases. I have a separate herb garden by the house. It has been taken over by the oregano and mint. I let them go...too hard to try to rein them in. A few sprigs of lemon thyme grow by my shed doors. They smell wonderful when crushed back by the opened doors.

I'm happy with my little raised bed and my scattering of herbs. I don't want to plant tons and tons of stuff that have to be harvested. If I get a hankering to see tons of crops, I just look out my window. The farmer behind my plot of land rotates his corn and soy beans so I can see rows upon rows of good growing things without having to do all the work. It's fun to watch his tractor plant and spray and harvest. It's even more fun to be swinging lazily on my porch swing while the work is being done.

I think I need to grow a farmer's heart, though, when it comes to the planting, tending, and harvesting of souls. I may be too lazy in that area, too. I like swinging on my porch swing and cheering on the workers too much, I think. The Word says the fields are ripe for harvest...think I'd better get out my gloves, my farm tools, and get to work. See you in the fields!


Joanne Sher said...

Love the application here - and your madcap adventures in farm town. HEARING about them, anyway ;)

Great Word, my friend!

Laury said...

Very good devotional, Dee. I still can't believe you got sucked into the FB farming vortex, though - as if you don't have enough to do - LOL!

BethL said...

I proud of you Dee, for attempting the FaceBook farm. So many life lessons can be learned while working that little virtual plot of land. :) The animals don't leave any undesirable "residue". Your neighbors aren't nosey, in fact, many will send you gifts. It never rains while you plant or harvest and drought won't kill your crops. <3 if you need any help of advice, I bet Joseph could help you help your farm turn a profit! ;)