Thursday, January 28, 2010

Controversial? You Decide!

If you've read many of my past posts, you know that I'm involved with mentoring and supporting ex-Amish folk who have come out of the strict, and sometimes oppressive, Amish world. As an ex-Amish, everything is difficult:learning to drive, getting a GED, filling out the paperwork for job applications, Social Security cards, etc. It's like walking up a VERY steep hill, one tiny step at a time. Add to this burden the fact that family and friends may shun the ex-Amish (often do!), and life is VERY hard sometimes to navigate. Many ex-Amish have help from Mission to Amish People. This group helps the ex-Amish learn how to live in the modern world. The director is Joe Keim. He and his wife are also ex-Amish, so they know first-hand what these young people are facing.

This past summer, a young man came to MAP for a summer volunteer project. He created a touching and very moving video to promote the ministry that MAP does for the ex-Amish. But guess what? True to our Christian ways, some are flat-out against this video because...(hang on to your seats): THERE IS CHRISTIAN ROCK MUSIC USED IN THE BACKGROUND. Gasp!

To me, the beautiful testimony in this video is far above any style of music that the young man chose to put in the background. God has touched LIVES...and we complain about the music?!

You decide. Let me know what you think about this testimony and how MAP ministers. Here is the link to the video:

Mission to Amish People video.


Arlee Bird said...

I'm sorry but I was not overwhelmingly convinced about this ministry by this video. I love contemporary Christian music, but I know that there are many who would not be attracted to this video and many because of the music. Also, the limited number of people interviewed makes it less persuasive. Granted I know virtually nothing about the Amish and I'm sure that you have studied the issue extensively. I just don't know. To me it's like a ministry to bring people out of Mormonism, Catholicism, or some other faith. I may not agree but I don't want to want to create an "army" to wage an ideological war against a sect. I mean, I can see going up against a truly threatening force like Islam, but I'd rather try to bring the Amish closer to other Christians in a spirit of understanding and learning from one another.

I like seeing the carraiges and the lifestyle and if they want that I don't want to condemn them for it. And each individual should be able to exercise the freewill God has given. And sometimes I don't know if some of our modern ways like cars, television, etc are that good--I mean I'm not giving any of that up because it's what I'm used to and I like it.

Sorry for rambling, but it just made me think and wonder. By the way, another point to nitpick besides the music: At the end of the video they've mispelled the web address as "ministy" and not "ministry". As a writer it's something I noticed. If somebody tried to access that website with that address they'd get an error msg.

Hope you don't hold anything against me for just offering my opinions and I certainly don't think badly about people who are on a sincere mission.
God Bless

Laury said...

I thought it was wonderful. I barely heard the music, was listening to the people talking. Every one has a different idea about what music should sound like. It's an age-old argument. The young man that made this video used music he enjoys - who wouldn't? I certainly would have. I commend him!!!