Monday, January 18, 2010

Message Board About the Amish

Do you have questions about the Amish? For instance, why do the Amish have to drive buggies? What happens when an Amish young person, who is from a strict sect of Amish, leaves the family and community? How can ex-Amish be helped to get a new start in life? And, what about head coverings? Are they necessary?

These are just a few topics and forums that can be found on the Amish Forum and Discussion Board. A unique perspective about the Amish can be gained on the boards. Many of the posters are ex-Amish, and bring the questions and opinions about their people to the forums.

For a unique and personal look into about the Amish, the Message board is a great place to start. Non-Amish, as well as ex-Amish, are welcome to post and become members! Questions are encouraged and many of the posters will do their best to answer honestly and from their own personal experiences.

Here's the link: Amish Forum and Discussion Board.

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