Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Even the Smallest Americans

Saying that it is time that "even the smallest Americans make a positive contribution," the Obama Administration issued an Executive Order reversing the Bush Administration's policy of prohibiting the use of tax dollars to fund the harvesting of stem cells from aborted fetuses.

"In the new America we are building, all will be asked to make sacrifices for the common good," the Executive Order read. "What would otherwise be mere waste biological refuse from uncompleted pregnancies can be used for the advancement of scientific research and the treatment of the seriously ill."

"Surely, it is more noble for these tissues to be used to help treat the sick then that they be simply discarded," the President argued. "Saving the lives of other Americans is, in my view, a more practical and moral disposition of these materials. It gives hope to the hopeless. It is the kind of change we can believe in."
(Quote from Free Republic by John Semmens--I added the empahasis)

UGH. It is disgusting to hear this man say this: "Even the smallest Americans make a positive contribution"!?

Guess what, Obama: these "smallest Americans" didn't DECIDE to contribute. What a horrible and, as The Radio Patriot said, "positively Orwellian" thing to say! Is this statement front-page news? It should be. Ironically, Obama is FINALLY recognizing that these "tissues" are Americans. That MUST mean they are PEOPLE. That's more than the pro-abortion crowd has conceded over the years. But what a way to earn citizenship.

I challenge my representatives from Ohio to defend this horrible statement from Obama. Any takers? Senator Voinovich? Senator Brown? Representative Jordan? Are you PROUD of this moment in American history?

If this is an example of the "New America" Obama is building, I'd be ashamed to be one of his "workers".


Anonymous said...

VERY well said. Thank you... Lynn

Joanne Sher said...

Makes me sick. Sigh.

Calina said...


We heard something somewhere that as a "Christian" country, we should be encouraging childbirth and adoption. The Muslim countries are building their army to wage war against the Christian in this way.