Sunday, March 29, 2009

Creation Museum: Cincinnati, Ohio

My family and I visited the Creation Museum this weekend. It is a few hours from our home so we had an excuse to get away for four days.

The museum is located just a few miles from the greater Cincinnati airport in Kentucky. It has a lovely outdoor area that enhances the setting of the museum itself.

One thing I discovered that I didn't know before we went is that the emphasis through the entire museum is on the connection between the creation of mankind in Genesis, and the importance of knowing we were created for a reason. The link between God and man, the ills we suffer because of sin and our disconnect to God, and the salvation of man through Christ are the dominant themes. It is very much a passion of Ken Hamm to bring this truth to the world and he does so in a modern, very-up-to-date museum.

If you get a chance to visit this museum, here are some tips:

* Go in the late Spring or early Summer so you can see the wonderful outside areas that surround the museum.

* The lines for the food courts can be long: try the downstairs eatery if the main floor eatery (Noah's Cafe) is too crowded. There are two sides to Noah's cafe: one for Cincinnati style chili and hot dogs and one for sandwiches (very good!) and other items. The downstairs eatery is Mexican food and the lines aren't as long.

*The downstairs restrooms aren't as busy as the upstairs ones either.

*If it's warm, you can bring a picnic lunch--there are plenty of shelters and picnic areas available for outside eating.

*There's a petting zoo outside for children.

*If it's the weekend, try to book a room at nearby hotels early. There is a casino and race track within a few miles of the museum so rooms may fill up quickly.

*Check the Creation Museum website for hotels that offer packages that include the room price plus tickets to the museum.

We really enjoyed our visit to the museum. Hope you get a chance to go soon!


Joanne Sher said...

I SOOOO want to go, and am so glad you enjoyed it! thanks for the tips, dear Dee!

Catrina Bradley said...

What a great review! Our Joyful Bunch (senior adult group) are going to the Creation Museum this Thursday! (Not in Cincie tho :-) )

Unknown said...

I've been wanting to go since I heard it openned. I am going to have to convince Daniel that this is a necessary visit.