Monday, March 23, 2009

Boys: Be Polite!

Today while grocery shopping, I had a chance to observe several "pairs"; pairs of humans, that is. They were mostly younger than 18, and one annoying thing I noticed was how many boys were striding ahead of their girls. The girls were tagging along behind the boys like puppies!

Acck! Where is chivalry? Why are those guys leaving their girlfriends behind? I watched as the guys entered the store first, pulled out the carts, and with nary a backward glance, got down to business with whatever task they were trying to accomplish. The entire time, the girls just lagged behind at their boyfriend's heels. Oh man. Is this what we've accomplished with our liberating freedom from "roles"?

My son hasn't shown an interest in dating yet, but I intend to sit him down and let him know that if I EVER see him striding along with his girlfriend at his heels, he's gonna have to answer to me!

Maybe he'll learn from the example of his dad. My hubby ALWAYS waits for me...opens the car door...holds the doors open when we enter a building and I appreciate that in him! He often guides me, or takes my hand in parking lots. Not that I'm helpless (NOT a word he would use to describe me), but I can tell he wants to protect and safe-guard me.

Let's hear it for chivalry! Guys, get out there and be REAL men: try being chivalrous to your girlfriends. You'll be surprised at how much they will appreciate your kindness to them.

Remember: "Love always protects..." I Corinthians 13:7


Joanne Sher said...

You're setting a wonderful example, Dee, and I feel the same way. Planning to teach my boy the same. :) Hope lots read this!

Laury said...

Arlen is a GREAT husband.

And I've seen the opposite, too. At the high school I work at - I see boys following girls around like the puppy dogs - a posse. Really weird. Girls are rude and obnoxious now (not all but lots.) Times have certainly changed.

Patty Wysong said...

oh I loooooove this post! There is MUCH to be said for chivalry!

Unknown said...

Here, here! I tell my boys the same things. I took my 6 and 8 year old sons to breakfast this morning. My 8 year old made certain he jumped ahead of me--to hold open the door at the restaurant. I am so proud of him.

You have a lovely blog, Dee.


Yvonne Blake said...


I've noticed that too, and it bothers me. Acting like a gentleman was one trait that attracted me to Randy. I never had anyone help me with my coat until he did. He opened doors and walked on the outside, nearer the traffic. (still does) He's my knight in shining armor and a great example to my sons.