Monday, September 1, 2008

Treasuring Up

My one and only is 16 now! I'm like every other mother; I think the time went too fast. In my mind and heart he's still a three year old or a five year old. It seems that when he started school, the years flew past and now we'll be starting our 10th grade year of home school in a day or so. The memories I have of him on his first day of kindergarten seem like they were made three days ago! Oh my. Life certainly doesn't sit still for any of us.

Do you suppose Mary, the mother of Jesus, had moments like these? I always think she showed her mom's heart right away at the birth of her Son when the Bible explains that "...Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." (Luke 2:16) I wonder if the years flew by: the flight to Egypt...the trip to the Temple...the day Jesus began His ministry...the day He was honored on the streets of Jerusalem...the day He stood before Pilot...the day of the cross...the day of Resurrection...the day of her final goodbye to Him on the mountain as the clouds obscured His image from her one last time.

It's interesting that the Bible doesn't tell much about the relationship between Jesus and His step-father, but through all of His years, Mary is mentioned. A mother's love is a powerful thing!

I'm glad God gave me Joseph...and I'm so happy he is growing into a nice, loving young man. But my mom's heart wants to treasure up all the things we've done together and ponder them. To me, my son is an example of God's love for me, for Jim, and for Arlen. Though Joseph's dad, Jim, went to Heaven before us, we have this wonderful person to love and share happy and joyous times with. Life has been good...not always easy or happy or perfect, but very good. And one of the reasons it has been good is because of my son. Happy 16th birthday, Joseph!


LauraLee Shaw said...

What a treasure of a mom you are to this blessed young man. Love your heart.

Yvonne Blake said...

oh, Dee....yes, treasure every moment. Soon he'll be a man and on his own. I'm so glad God gives us children. They are such wonderful gifts from the Lord.

Laury said...

So glad Joseph had a good birthday, Dee. They grow up so very very fast. Enjoy this time:)