Thursday, July 26, 2018

Weird and Wacky News from the 1960's

Chaos and turmoil were part of the changing 1960's. News reports were filled with the Vietnam war, riots, sit-ins, hippies, communes, and flower power.

Americans were uneasy and restless, but some of the weirdest news stories could still bring smiles. Odd, but true, they were.

What is it about these kinds of tales that pique our interest? A few headlines from these chaotic days are told on the website Weird News of the 1960's. I'm sure many, many more tales could be unearthed, but here are three samples of headlines on this site:

  • A couple who loved being part of the "buried alive" movement.
  • A toddler accused as a reckless and incompetent operator of his tricycle.
  • Tomato squeezing in divorce court.

Follow the link from Weird News of the 1960's to read about some of the news stories that show us some things never change: There will always be a few kooks and whiners among us! We might as well enjoy them.

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