Monday, October 24, 2011

Her Safari by Lisa Mikitarian: A Great Book!

Les, our driver has just pulled the bus up to Dee Yoder's Blog in Ohio, our next stop on the blog tour for Her Safari, by Lisa Mikitarian. Mari’s cranking out the caramel macchiatos as fast as her machine will allow. The caffeine is perking up the gang. We have the latest scoop from Lisa, herself!

First let me tell you about this wonderful collection of short stories: HER SAFARI - Snapshots Along the Way
Life is a mix of love, humor, faith, ingenuity, and tragedy—sometimes all in the same day! No matter how different we are as individuals, our lives are made up of seasons, circumstances, and turning points. In Her Safari, you'll find women of varying ages and backgrounds—each at a life juncture—some more critical than others.

Among them is a single woman who distrusts men, yet flirts with her doctor while under the influence of Percocet; a wife who considers divorcing her husband over Christmas d├ęcor; and a widow who's ready for bridge but not community living.

Despite their differences, whatever leg of the safari these women are on, and however successful they are in navigating the conflict in their lives, one thing becomes clear—most are genuinely doing the best they can. This captivating collection makes a wonderful gift for women of all ages.

On this stop of the blog tour, I thought it would be fun to find out what’s currently happening in Lisa’s writing cave where you will also find her dog, Dorian Gray, playing the role of Lisa’s muse.

If you haven’t visited Lisa and Maddie’s Connecting Now blog, you are in for a real treat.
Lisa talks about Connecting Now:
"It’s an offbeat advice blog called Connecting Now. My publisher told me I had to have a blog, so I thought long and hard about something I could keep up and enjoy. I didn’t feel under pressure to have all the right answers because one—it’s offbeat, and two—the Readers chime in.
While at the Faithwriter’s conference, I asked my oldest, Madeline, if she would sub for me on the blog. She did; everyone loved her, and when I returned, the masses demanded she stay—especially Timmy Boyle. The rest is, as they say, history. The blog is approaching its second birthday, and looking back, there’s no way I could have kept it up without her.

People write to us about all sorts of things—some utterly ridiculous (we love those), and some profoundly serious—we love those, too, though a few have been heartbreaking. Often our Readers have better advice than we have—and we’re a-okay with that because the blog reflects our belief that no man is an island, that God created us in communion for a reason—to help one another out."

Her Safari is a huge success and Lisa gracefully reveals what we can look forward to in the near future:

Lisa and Maddie
 “Heart of my heart.”~Lisa Mikitarian

"Maddie and I are currently editing our novel The Devil to Pay. It’s set in a time where a DNA scan can tell parents about their child’s complete genetic make-up in utero. That scan is referred to as the Projections. The Projections include a four-gene combination which predicts the likelihood of a person accepting the Creator.

The story opens with the main character discovering she’s pregnant and that her own Projections are a complete forgery bought by her parents. The novel asks questions like: Can we ever thwart the will of God? How much knowledge about ourselves is too much?

I’d also like to put together one more collection of short stories from the male perspective called That’s What He Said. For some weird reason, I love writing from the male POV."

Thank you, Lisa. Can’t wait to read The Devil’s Play and That’s What He Said.

How can you order Her Safari, by Lisa Mikitarian? To purchase Her Safari, click here. Remember to check out the fabulous gift basket available. Lisa has partnered with Heart of God International Ministries, so that they’ll receive the proceeds from books bought on their behalf. If you wish to benefit HGIM with your purchase, there’s a special button on the Her Safari publishers site at the check out (HGIM).

If you leave a comment on this blog post, you are automatically entered to win a $5 Starbucks card! Check back—The winner will be drawn and announced on October 27th.


Brenda Nixon, Author and Speaker said...

Great, informational, well-written blog; love the opening visual of pulling up to stop in Ohio. You're welcome here :-)

I agree that whatever leg of the safari women are on, "and however successful they are in navigating the conflict in their lives, one thing becomes clear—most are genuinely doing the best they can..." As an author/speaker and radio host on parenting, I often remind parents that they're doing the best they can with the information they have at the moment. We all can improve when we learn new insights and skills.
Best wishes Lisa on Her Safari, sounds like a wonderful read.

Rita Garcia said...

Dee, thanks for hosting this stop of the blog tour for Her Safari! And why a fun and beautiful stop it is!
And remember everyone, order extra copies of Her Safari, Christmas is just around the corner! Hmmm, I'll need to ask Mari which corner that is? Or how many days until Christmas?

Joanne Sher said...

Hehe, Rita - Mari may NOT be the best person to ask how many days until Christmas ;)

SUCH a wonderful book- and I SO enjoyed this stop! Please enter me (Marc REALLY wants the card LOL).

Mari said...

You made me smile, Dee...and i needed to smile.

And Jo... I think there are 60 days left. But you are right to wonder about my math skills. :)

Rhonda Schrock said...

Oh, gracious! All that counting makes me want to plug my ears and shout, "NOOOOOOO," in a very adult and grown-up manner, of course.

Lisa's blog sounds very interesting, Dee. I'll pop over and take a look.

Rae said...

Ah-ha! I finally caught up with the tour again! Great stop for a great book. :)

Dee Yoder said...

This is fun, isn't it? And the book is wonderful! Thanks or your comments --don't forget the drawing for the Starbuck's gift card will be on Thursday, October 27th

Laury said...

I can't wait to read Lisa and Maddie's new book. It sounds awesome! It was nice stopping by your house, Dee! <3

Dee Yoder said...

Thank you , Laury! I'm glad you came by!