Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Life in a Nutshell

As I was looking over my profile page on my Facebook account this morning, I realized there were a lot of things about me missing. I haven't added any of my interests, favorite movies, TV shows, books, or anything else that makes me who I am. I have my mom listed as my mom, and I listed my brother, sister, husband and two kids, but what about Dad? Since he went to heaven last year, I'd forgotten to add him. So I corrected that, and then, to let people know where he was, I listed he was in heaven since May 2009.

I was thinking: so much is on that short list, yet it is basically my life in a nutshell. All the people I've loved, relationships, events, memories happy and sad...and it fit on the side of a facebook page.

When my son's dad died (Jim Brown), I remember the day I had to go down to his office and clean out his things. He'd worked for Mansfield City schools over 15 years--his entire working career, yet when his co-worker brought his things to my car, it all fit in two small boxes. I looked at those boxes and memories of late nights working from home to fix people's problems, the hours he spent trying to figure out what program had crashed and why, scheduling headaches, grade cards, valedictorians, and all the minute details computer managers handle flashed across my mind. All that work...all that frustration...and it fit into these two little card board boxes.

Someone told me that when a co-worker dies, over time, it's like a finger is dipped into a bucket of water and then removed: no evidence is left behind they were ever there.

This taught me something. Work is necessary and work is often fulfilling, but work is never as important as relationships. Relationships with co-workers, relationships with friends, family, and church family is most important. And relationship with God tops the list.

Life lessons can't be described in nutshells since they create who we are. I learned that day with the boxes how I should live with the people I love. How have you learned to put your relationships in proper order?


Joanne Sher said...

Soooo true, Dee. NOTHING is more important than relationships. Loved this post (and glad to see it up!).

Laury said...

I love when you share more about Jim. He sounded like an awesome guy. It is sad to think all we do and accumulate in life is eventually forgotten and parceled off to others. The most important thing we can do is live with an attitude of love.

Thanks for sharing, Dee.

Rhonda Schrock said...

I think it's an ongoing process, figuring that one out.

Just thinking, though, about your husband that died...there's no way to tell just how many lives he touched in ways that can't be packed into boxes. I like that way of counting much better. :)

Dee Yoder said...

Thanks, Jo! A miracle, isn't it??
Aww, Laury, he was a really wonderful guy. I was blessed and am still!
Yes, Rhonda, I do think you're right. His funeral was filled with people who loved him. It was amazing to see how many!