Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Andrea Bocelli and Assorted Other Thoughts

I'm not much of an opera fan even though I love music. For some reason, the opera-style voice sounds "fake" to me. I thought it was just my inexperience talking until my high school music teacher admitted she felt the same way. Hmm. But the minute I heard Andrea Bocelli's voice, I melted into a puddle. He has a wonderful style. I love listening to him. Except when he sings opera. Well, I can't change that personal preference, I guess. (Can't win 'em all, Andrea.)

I've been struggling lately with more blood sugar issues and migraines. Sometimes, I think I've completely forgotten what feeling well feels like. I hate that. But when I do have a good day, and more than four hours of sleep, I am elated! I wake up all smiles and am acutely aware of great health. I suppose that's a good pay-off.

NaNoWriMo is coming and I am not ready. The silly thing is that I'm not going to be working on a new project but will be attempting to finish last year's WIP. So all the preliminary work is ready: outline, characters, story line, etc. But I really should read the story again, don't you think--just so I refresh myself about what was written 12 months ago??

Winter is sneaking up on me. I feel it and smell it's nasty breath. If it weren't for Christmas, I'd fall into depths of depression with that willful weather wolf crouching just ahead.

I read all the time how Thanksgiving is some people's favorite holiday. It's not mine. It's a lot of work if you're hosting the big feast and I really dislike that gamey turkey taste I get after one bite of the designated holiday bird. I do, however, like the desserts, but having diabetes really puts a crimp in my dessert eating style. Oh well. It's all about planning...if I eat this and don't eat that, THEN I can have that pie. (Cream pie, please, not orangey punkin stuff or eggy custard pie. Eww.)

I have other thoughts in my noggin, of course, but my fingers want to go to bed. The rest of me wants to also. Thanks for reading my rambling and random ideas.

How about you? What thoughts are rattling 'round in your noggin tonight?


Joanne Sher said...

Sooo many things in my head. Parent-teacher conferences, my husband's appointment with the neuro-opthalmologist this morning (soon!), BOTH my WIPs, my kids, working in the nursery this evening, Halloween... Is that enough?

Enjoyed this post. Fun to get inside your mind, sweets!

Rhonda Schrock said...

Our whole-family, first-ever Christmas trip to a lodge in Tennessee. I'm dreaming of survival with 26 people of all shapes and sizes under 1 roof for 5 days. How about those numbers??

Oh, I have a fabulous herb-rubbed turkey recipe you might like. Nothing gamey about it.

Waving and smiling...

Dee Yoder said...

JO, I used to have those parent/teacher conferences in my head, too. (: And still do have those hubby check-up thoughts on a schedule. And of course, the WIPs...never ending thoughts on those, eh?

Rhonda, that whole family Christmas trip would certainly be on my mind, too!

You know, herb rubbed turkey sounds yummy....maybe I'll try it.

Waving and smiling back... (:

Laury said...

I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one with rambly thoughts right now:) Cheering you on in your Nano endeavor. Luvs!

Dee Yoder said...

Rambly thoughts seem to be my norm, Laury! I hope you're doing well with NaNo, too! So far, so good. Keeping up with my word count, at least. (: Love you, too!