Saturday, September 26, 2009

What's Good for the Goose (Us!) is Good for the Gander (Congress)

A few weeks ago, I heard that Representative John Fleming had proposed, in the House, that whatever Health Care plan congress came up with, they would also have to accept and use the same plan for themselves. I thought, why not? If they love their plan enough to foist it on the public, why shouldn't they also have to use the same plan?

I tried to go to his web site right then, but the response from the public was so overwhelming, I couldn't even get on his web site!

My friend, Verna, just sent me the link today, and I went to Rep. Fleming's web site right away and signed his petition. Yay!

If you'd like to sign this petition, here's the link:

The Fleming Petition

Let's let Congress know that we don't want to be the government's Health Care guinea pigs. If they're so sure they have the answers, then why not use the plans themselves?

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LauraLee Shaw said...

Amen, sister! God help us all if this passes.