Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two Petitions--Two Votes!

I'm like many Christians in America today: worried over the growing trend toward limiting "hate" speech (just exactly what does that entail?), and concerned that my tax dollars would be used to help fund abortions in the coming years if the Health Care Reform package passes into legislation.

I'm convinced that at least one of the senators who represent my area (Democrat Sherrod Brown) will GLADLY sign his name to whatever Pres. Obama puts in front of him, and especially will eagerly support both of these "causes" if the opportunity arises. To that end, I have signed two petitions to at least make my preferences known on both of these issues. It may make little difference to Sen. Brown, but at least I know I did SOMETHING to express my beliefs.

If you'd like to do the same, here are links to petitions addressing both of these issues (Petition to Keep Our Tax Dollars from Supporting Abortion AND Petition: Hate Crimes): Petitions

It never hurts to contact legislators either! Here are links to the Senators Members List and the House of Representatives Members List.

If you live in Ohio, here are the links to Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown, and to Republican Sen. George Voinovich.

And finally, here's the link to the Congressman of the Ohio 4th District, Jim Jordan

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