Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I went to the Faithwriters Writing Conference last weekend and I came away with a better insight as to how I write. I also got some personal writing critique and suggestions as to my "natural" writing voice and style and this led me to re-think the POV I've been using for my Amish novel, The Miting.

I'm not one who is comfortable changes horses in the middle of the stream, but I recognize good advice when I see it, and this advice has renewed my energy toward this book. I can hardly WAIT to get in there and start writing this story from the first person POV. But-oh, the time factor! This just happens to be that time of year (I know many of you feel it, too) when so many new projects and school events begin to be added to the calendar. I homeschool, so my role as teacher steps up the pace during August and September.

We tend to settle into a nice pace around here by the middle of September, but my "screaming muse" doesn't want to wait that long, and neither do I. To that end, I hope to put myself on a schedule by week's end--so much time slotted for writing EVERY day. That will be good for both mind and spirit, don't you think?


Laury said...

Cheering you on, Dee!

Andrea said...

Change is not something I take kindly too, either, but like you I recognize when it is necessary. Blessings, andrea

Yvonne Blake said...

Yes, we learned a lot at the conference, didn't we?

You can do it, Dee...GO..GO...GO!

Lynda Schultz said...

Discipline—doesn't come easy for me, but without it things just don't seem to get done.

Go for it, Dee.