Thursday, August 20, 2009

The "I's" Have It!

I've started my revisions and also written my first 1300 words in first person. I like it! The story has immediately been brought closer to my way of thinking, and I'm finding it much easier to describe events, persons, and settings in a much more colorful manner.

Getting myself to sit down and start working again was harder than I thought it would be. Once I had read all the up-dates on the Faithwriter message boards (about the THINGS game, of course), Tweeted a little, Facebooked a little, and even walked for thirty minutes on the Beast (AKA the treadmill), I sat down and started writing.

The story progressed easily and I even enjoyed looking ahead to the next chapter. Chapter twelve officially finished--well, for now, and I'm ready to start on thirteen tomorrow.

I hope to post a sample of the new and improved POV later, once I get a few edits done. Let me know, once it's up here, what you think!

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Laury said...

Awesome, Dee! Keep up the great work!