Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mysterious Nature

For the second summer in a row, we have window boxes under our front windows. Last year, the summer was so hot and dry, it was all we could do to keep up with the watering. It was such a chore that my husband is planning to devise a watering system for those boxes this year.

I love looking at the flowers in them, but last year, the flowers I chose were so finicky, they were wilting in half a day. Earlier this spring, I couldn't wait for REAL summer flowers so I went ahead and planted pansies in the boxes. Well, you know how fragile those things are...they were gonners in no time.

Two weeks ago, I finally got around to digging those wilted things out of the boxes and planting them with GLORIOUS, wildly-pink geraniums and long, flowing white vines that complimented the geraniums beautifully. My window boxes FINALLY looked complete and gorgeous. Until today.

I went out to water them (AGAIN), and what do you think I found? SOMETHING mysterious had destroyed the long, flowing white vines out of TWO window boxes! The vines were too high from the ground to be eaten by rabbits, and it seemed that if it were nesting birds (who have been known to pick the coconut grass out from between the iron boxes), they would have carried the destroyed vines off with them.

But no. To add insult to injury, the long, flowing white vines lay in a pile on the ground beneath the window boxes. They looked so beautiful. And limp. Acckkk!

Sigh. Did I mention that I LOVE my window boxes?! And I love them so much, that I plan to put two more on the ledge of the picture window. I hope I remember how happy it makes me to look out my windows, framed in lovely summer flowers, the next time something contrary or mysterious happens to those boxes. And when my hubby gets around to creating that splendid watering system, I KNOW my happiness will increase ten-fold!


Andrea said...

I love your window boxes...beautiful.

Blessings and prayers, andrea

Pat Guy said...

Oh Dee! What a mystery! And I love Geraniums too. I got the same ones you did plus a couple of other colors. I would love flower boxes too but only have a kitchen window to put it and I already have all my stuff out there anyway to enjoy. Hope you find the culprit or reason so it doesn't happen to something else. Loved the pics too. Hugs, Pat

Joanne Sher said...

Definitely a mystery, sweet Dee! Beautiful pics.

Sherri Ward said...

My flower garden is not doing at all well this year. Last year I had beautiful zinnias, and I think next year I will do well to plant them again. Hope you get yours all figured out. Nice pics!

Silver said...

i agree why you would love them. They are so pretty! Do hope you'll crack the mystery soon.

One Day at a Time

Yvonne Blake said...

I have trouble with geraniums...hope yours stay big and beautiful. I wonder what liked your vines?