Thursday, June 25, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

I received the "Honest Scrap" award from Catrina Bradley. (Thanks, Cat!) So I'm supposed to list ten HONEST things about myself...hmmm. Lemme think...OK. Here are ten:

1. I'm a night owl. People are seriously prejudiced against night owls. Are they just jealous?! If I had my way, the world wouldn't start until at LEAST 10 AM.

2. I often get bored in church. It's the format that kills me. (Notice: I did not say that GOD bores me--there IS a difference!) I honestly admire and respect people who love church. I've been trying to figure out how to be like them all of my life.

3. I really dislike white "chocolate". Please! It is NOT real chocolate, in my humble opinion. It is slimy vanilla candy.

4. I was raised Pentecostal--and I don't think I'm too abnormal. Am I?

5. The ex-Amish inspire me with their work ethic and their ability to adapt. They never give up.

6. As hard as I try, I just can't keep up with Facebook! I get easily confused and simply ignore many requests--oh dear. I'm so sorry to those of you who send me many requests.

7. If my hubby is gone for the night, I suddenly "hear" a bazillion weird noises in my house. I'm on hyper-alert mode on those nights. Good thing he is rarely gone at night.

8. My son is an amazingly caring and sweet young man. He hasn't had a single rebellious teen year yet. (I'm always wondering if that will happen someday--overnight!)

9. I eat broccoli, but I really don't like it. Unless it is slathered in cheese sauce. I think that ruins its nutritional value, right?

10. I have always felt a presence of God. Even as a child. I have the most trouble understanding those who say they never thought of God until their spiritual eyes were opened at some point. I sometimes try to imagine what that feels like...I ask a lot of nosey questions of people who tell me that...but I just can't imagine it. And, I talk Him all day long. But, I wouldn't call it a formal prayer. I even ask Him things out loud. Maybe I AM abnormal. OK. I am.

So, did any of my honest answers surprise you? Here are the blogs I'd like to honor with this award:

Yvonne Blake at My Back Door: Yvonne is a great advisor and she has MANY tips and good stories on her blog.

Patty Wysong at Patterings: Peej is as honest as they come, and her posts about being a mom and wife are always fun and thought-provoking to read.

Pat Guy at Pat's Porch: Pat has a MOST refreshing blog--and the background music is soothing and dreamy.

Josh Janoski at Just Joshing: Josh is funny and VERY honest. (And he happens to be planning an up-coming wedding, too.)

Sara Harricahran at Fiction Fusion: Sara is the most imaginative and creative and prolific writer I know! She delights with her sci-fi and fantasy fiction.


Joanne Sher said...

The broccoli one kinda made me laugh, Dee. And you picked some AWESOME blogs!

Sara Harricharan said...

Thanks for the award, Dee! And I loved your white chocolate answer the most-that DID surprise me, I've never thought of it as slimy white vanilla

Andrea said...

Congradulations and GOD BLESS. I, too am a night owl...and yes, I think others are jealous..hahaha.
Blessings, andrea

Pat Guy said...

Dee, we could almost be twins! I could relate to every one of your 10's and thanks for the award girlie. I was wondering what to blog so now I'll have to do some honest thinking! And I talk to God all the time too...out loud with hand gestures! : ) Happy First Bloggversary! Love and hugs to ya girl, Pat

Mari said...

I love your answers! I can't wait to meet you at fw conference, my (real-not-white)chocolate lover friend!

Patty Wysong said...

Thank you, Dee!
I'm with you on the white chocolate! blech. (unless it's in a certain kind of cookie and then I love it! hmmmmm. Knowing me the key word there might be cookie. LoL.)