Friday, April 17, 2009

Bad Poetry

I don't claim to be a poet. In fact,the best kind of poetry I write is bad poetry. Here are some examples of my bad poetry. Think you can beat mine? Add your bad poetry to your comment and we'll just see who's the WORST poet ever!


The path was strewn with moonstruck rays.
This same moon had known better days.
I culled her rays; chose just the best,
and threw the worst ones in the trash.

My Love's Eyes

His eyes shone bright
His eyes shone blue
His eyes shone just about every hue


Big lamps, small lamps
Short and tall lamps
White lamps, red lamps
Desk and bed lamps
All lamps give me needed light
Because my eyes are short on sight

Dust Bunnies

My favorite kind of bunny
Is really sorta funny
I like the ones that I can scoop
because they do not EVER poop


My car went over the speed bump
My car went into a tree
My car went over the guardrail
Oh bring back my car to me

Bring back
Bring back
Oh, bring back my car, to me, to me!
Bring back
Bring back
Oh, bring back my car to me!

My car got towed by a tow truck
My car got towed by its trunk
My car got towed by a tow truck
And now its nothin' but junk

I'm singin' this song as a pauper
I'm singin' this song as a hack
I'm singin' this song as I carry
My car to my home in a sack


I don't know why
but when I see
an egg
if often
offends me

I think it is
because I know
it comes from
I don't go


Writers are a funny bunch
We often write while eating lunch.
Because of an amusing hunch,
we often eat just Cap'n Crunch

We lock ourselves inside our rooms
and snarl if anyone presumes
to talk to us while we are typing
(it is not a case of useless griping).

You see, we need all of our brains
to create a world that is insane.
So best for you to leave us to it
Don't argue now! Get out! Just do it!

Inside our heads are many notions,
weird ideas, and sometimes potions.
We launch our tales and sad devotions,
and even sometimes act out motions.

We'd do anything, you see,
to get a story out for thee.
So let us roam, be free to scribble
( But give us a bib, in case we dribble.)

OK. I challenge you: do your best and let's see who is the Queen (or King) of Bad Poetry!


Yvonne Blake said...

I like them...especially the moonbeam one.

The dust bunnies made me laugh. Well, all of them made me laugh.

thanks, Dee

Sharlyn Guthrie said...

Thanks for the chuckles. I love the writers one. They are all lots of fun! I bet you could write great poetry for a childrens' magazine.

Joanne Sher said...

Hehe - tooo funny. The writer one was great. I think I'll let you keep the crown ;)

Sherri Ward said...

So bad it's good! Thanks for the smile.