Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Love Faithwriters!

Faithwriters has changed my life! At 50, I finally decided to jump into writing again and I looked for a place to do that which was safe, helpful, and friendly. I found that at Fatihwriters. I don't think I would have ever pursued the kind of writing I have tried if not for this wonderful site. But FW needs support, and I am happy to publish their letter explaining this need. Prayerfully consider helping out! Click on the links and be a friend to will NOT regret it!

Dear FaithWriters friends.

As we are all aware, the world is in the midst of a time of great economic volatility and uncertainty. Over the last twelve months, financial belts have been tightening, and not surprisingly, this has had a severe impact on FaithWriters.

Conversely, membership at FaithWriters has been growing faster than ever before. The incredible value of this site to the Christian community, particularly to writers, is unquestionable, and the rapidly increasing membership is testimony to that. The support, encouragement, information, inspiration and opportunities provided, both at FaithWriters and on the message boards, have spurred many members on in their writing, taking them to new levels of achievement, and providing confidence to use their abilities professionally for God’s glory.

So while membership is booming, financial support for FaithWriters has been plummeting. Unless this financial trend is reversed, the consequences for FaithWriters will be extremely serious.

Almost all FaithWriters’ services are provided free of charge to all FaithWriters members, with only a few add-on options, such as the Private Messenger. By signing up for one or more of the extra services, or becoming a member of the FaithWriters 500, members help to meet our mounting costs.

Although one-off donations are always appreciated, and can be made online at , our heart is always to give generously back to our members, and that’s where the FaithWriters 500 blesses both ways. Members partnering with FaithWriters in this way receive many benefits, while helping to keep FaithWriters alive for just 33 cents a day.

As serious as the financial situation has been for FaithWriters over the last year, the rapidly declining support over recent months has brought FaithWriters to a critical fork in the road. We would not be wise stewards to sit back and ignore the warning signs.

For that reason, we ask our members to give consideration to the following ways in which they can help to contribute to the financial support of FaithWriters:

•Become a FaithWriters 500 member and enjoy many excellent benefits

•Sign up for one or more of the optional add-on services (private messenger, FaithWriters email, EZ Site Builder, etc).

•Sponsor a member in the FaithWriters 500

•Make a one-off donation

With your prayers and financial support, we can keep FaithWriters alive and growing.

God bless you for your continued support and prayers.

God Bless,
Scott Lindsay

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