Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Speaking Event: Catholic Women's Club of Richland County

I'm looking forward to speaking about Mission to Amish People Ministries with Rene Budd on October 12. We'll be with the Catholic Women's Club of Richland County, Ohio. I'll be sharing about MAP as a volunteer and telling a little about my book, The Miting, which is a novel based on the experiences of many former Amish I know. All royalties the book earns is sent to MAP Ministry.

Rene will be sharing about MAP's new venture of building housing and about the plan to open a bulk food market to aid the former Amish in jobs as they transition to the English world. She'll also share about the ministries MAP provides.

Speaking events are opportunities to learn, as well as share, and we are glad to be experiencing that opportunity with the Catholic Women's Club of Richland County.

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Joanne Sher said...

Praying for a good turnout, and the message to come through loud and clear. Have fun - wish I could be there!