Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm Attached to Annie

Two or three years ago, I started writing my second novel, The Powerful Odor of Mendacity. The story setting is the turbulent mid-sixties in a suburban Midwest neighborhood. The main character is feisty 10 year-old Annie. Though she sometimes takes on characteristics similar to me at that age, she embodies more of my inner secret desire to be like her than the real me.

Annie is not afraid to try things, where as I was pretty much a scaredy cat to new things.

Annie is more than willing to step up to the plate for dramas and solos. I loved both, but struggled to hide my knocking knees whenever I was to perform in front of an audience.

Annie is feisty, and I was feisty...inside. Outside, I was too quick to comply to authority to be feisty.

But I sure did dream of being like Annie. Much of my middle school years were spent with my nose in books. I was more alive in my dream world than I ever hoped to be in my real world.

One thing I did share with Annie is my distaste for bullies. In fact, bullying was one ugly human tendency that could bring me quickly out of my dream world. And I have to admit: Annie's whipping of a neighborhood bully with a keen switch really was something I did.

I don't want to give the plot away in my book, though. Suffice it to say I drummed up enough righteous anger to take on a mini-terrorist who had ruled my street. And it sure felt good.

All these years later, I'm still shocked at how I was able to quell that roaming beast. He never terrorized anyone again after I got through with him.

How's that for feisty? I guess I had my moments of being like Annie. I can't wait to have her story read. Stay tuned!


Joanne Sher said...

I already LOVE Annie! Can't wait to read her either. Definitely staying tuned ;)

Catrina Bradley said...

I've been looking forward to reading more about Annie since I first heard you were writing a book about her. :)

Patty Wysong said...

I loved the short story that started this project, Dee. So glad there's more!!! =]

Definitely staying tuned!! =]

Dee Yoder said...

Thanks, Friends! I'm excited for readers to get to know Annie, too. Hope that happens soon. (:

LaLee said...

Okay, well you had me at "Annie." And to hear her personality is so much like my own Annie's, I positively cannot wait to see her in story form! And to see the inner Dee, well, now that's worth waiting for. Hurry! :D

Dee Yoder said...

Oh, that's so fun, LaLee! I love the story and am waiting for my free FW edit and then they also have the option to publish it. I hope it gets published!