Tuesday, May 17, 2011

She's Found!

Here is a blog post from Lisa Mikitarian, Katalina's mom:

Thank you for your prayers!

Katalina must have been completely covered in your prayers of protection--because it seems she is safe in the care of a "good Christian family". I say seems because we haven't actually seen her. She contacted the mother of a friend she made in the program. She said this family was helping her to find a job and become independent. She wants to make us proud of her--not come home under a cloud of embarrassment. Until today, she had no idea anyone was looking for her. She felt bad for putting people through all that worry, yet was deeply touched at the same time. She really couldn't believe it. (I'll have more on that tomorrow.)

All of this is more than we could have hoped for. Sometimes a child is ready to become independent but can't do it under the watchful eyes of parents. And yet they aren't ready to be tossed to the wind. We couldn't ask for a better situation--if everything we've heard is true. We say that because if Katalina wanted to allay our worries, there's nothing better that she could tell us. Fortunately the Richmond Police Department won't close the case until they do a "welfare check" and get eyes on her. She didn't leave her number or location with her friend's mother--but she said she'd try to call again tonight--maybe even call home. We'll let her know then that she needs to reveal her location so this can be put to rest.

So, if you could pray a little longer. I feel 80% sure of what I've heard, but won't completely have peace until someone sees her and where she's living. I was overzealous when I called Jan--because in that moment it felt like she had been "found," and I felt the euphoria reflected in your comments. But technically we have just a little further to go.

You all have made this bearable. When the news hit the web, it exploded in a way that touched not just the heart, but the soul. Friends of friends of friends--no strangers as the Holy Spirit moved. Biblical concepts came to life. And when we were at our lowest, someone always came with the right words or video or verse. When my faith flagged, you took over and I experienced exactly what "standing in the gap" is.

As always, in good times and in bad, we give all the glory to a gracious and loving Father.

With Much Love,
All the Mikitarians

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