Monday, February 22, 2010

Gummy Vitamins, Safflower Oil...A Health Mish Mash

I've taken multivitamins for a few years now, and one of the major troubles I've had with them is how HUGE they are. I have problems swallowing pills that big, so I've tried other things: chewables for kids and chewables for adults. With the chewables, the trouble was the taste. They are sooooo sour, it would make my cheeks ache when I chewed them. I'd sometimes skip them just to save myself the misery. But guess what? I found GUMMY vitamins, and they are YUMMY. They have no yucky after-taste and they taste like candy. Now that's a good for me kind of "pill" I can swallow.

I was also thinking about the safflower oil. I'm still using it, but I haven't checked the ol' waist measurement to see if anything is happening. It really doesn't appear that it is since my clothes still fit the same: tight. But, I'm keeping to it and hope it helps in some way. Eventually.

I'm also still taming The Beast (aka treadmill). I try to walk on that thing at least three times a week for thirty minutes, but it is boring and tedious. I can stay on longer, and in a happier mood, if I listen to Sarah Groves while I walk, but I think I sound funny to my family when I do that. I wear my headphones, and sing along in harmony. But they only hear my part. He he he. I figure, if I have to suffer, they can, too.

One more thing: I'm getting a new glucose meter! Hoo boy, you might be thinking, this gal has nothing exciting in her life if that makes her happy. But if you saw my dinosaur of a meter, you'd know how glad I am. The old one is at least fifty feet wide and seventy feet long. Okay, so I exaggerate, but listen, the new one is promised to be small and compact--and--it self loads! Wooie.

So that's all my health news for now. I promise to keep you updated...I know you can hardly wait.


Sherri Ward said...

I didn't know you were diabetic - my hubby is also, so he can relate on the meters. He is on the insulin pump these days and it sure has made it easier. Major fewer reactions.

T. Anne said...

I love my kids gummy vites! I wish I had those as a id instead of flintsones!!