Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How Is NaNo Going for You?

It's the third day of NaNoWriMo! I'm curious: how is NaNo going for you so far? If you're new to NaNo, what are some of the things that you're discovering about NaNo that you didn't expect? Or is the experience as you imagined it would be?

Here's what's happening with me: I'm discovering that I REALLY like my MC. I feel as though I'm living in Annie's skin and head. I love it! The settings are nostalgic and it's bringing back many memories of a time in America that was painful, chaotic, exciting, and totally different from any other era.

I'm also more relaxed this year, and realizing that reaching a word count goal is more than possible for me to accomplish. In the past year, I've finished the NaNo novel I started, and am now working on revisions. I have no doubts that I'll reach my 50,000 word goal (barring unforeseen circumstances), so that aspect of worry isn't as strong as it was last year.

There are so many more of my writing friends participating in NaNo this year, and I'm rooting for all of them to finish! What an accomplishment it is to win this contest--let's go!


Arlee Bird said...

It's going good so far. As expected I've got all kinds of distractions going and also trying to keep up with the blog with sacrificing quality.
Passed 4200 word mark yesterday. The story is moving, but I need to tie in a lot of loose ends. But the more I keep writing the more things keep coming to me.

Dee Yoder said...

Good for you, arlee! Yes, those distractions are tough to get around sometimes, but it sure is good to give myself permission to just write. Thanks for your comments!

Joanne Sher said...

Rah, rah, sis boom bah. SOO proud of you. And THRILLED you're enjoying the writing, AND Annie.

Dee Yoder said...

Thanks, Jo!

Laury said...

You're doing great, Dee! Cheering you on.