Saturday, October 17, 2009

Announcing the NEW Amish Culture and Discussion Board!

The Mission to Amish People website has a wonderful new way to communicate with others about the Amish people: the Amish Culture and Discussion board!

Joe Keim and I will be moderating the discussion on the board, and there are a host of topics that are covered. If you have questions or view points you'd like to share, we're happy to welcome you there and look forward to your input!

Have you read good books about the Amish? Seen a movie, or read a newspaper article about the Amish? Check out the discussion board to post your opinion.

Joe receives many emails about how to be a pen pal with the Amish, how to visit, or live among the Amish, how to minister and even how to BE Amish! These questions are answered on the board.

Please feel free to check out the topics and jump right in with your opinions or questions. See you on the board!


Andrea said...

Thank you so very much for your prayers and support. You will never know how much they mean to our family.
Blessings, andrea

Laury said...

What an awesome ministry, Dee.

Unknown said...

Wonderful web site. Thanks for posting it. I live in upstate NY where there are plenty of Amish and Mennonites. My love for these people and my desire to join the Mennonites has led to starting my own website. It has photos of the people in my region. Please check it out.