Sunday, February 15, 2009

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

I have two simple questions for my elected officials about the stimulus package:

1. If ALL the money in the US Treasury comes from its citizens to start with, why should we be impressed that you are going to bring "new" money through this stimulus package to our areas? Isn't it just coming from our own pockets already? It's like water: there is no more or no less water on earth than there was from the beginning (we live in an enclosed atmosphere--water is recycled--not disposed of permanently). So aren't you simply playing an expensive shell game with the citizens? That strikes me as MORE political balderdash and dishonesty.

2. If the reason we were thrown into this terrible economic disaster is because banks loaned money to people who could not repay their loans, then why do you want to give the banks more money to lend to people who can't repay their loans?! Um. Isn't that doing the same thing--AGAIN?

Two simple questions. From a simple person who managed to pay taxes correctly and on time--without the pressure of possible "vetting" poking me to do it.