Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Writing Gadgets, Widgets, and Games

Today I have writer's block, so I decided to see what kind of gadgets, widgets, or games I could find on the Internet to distract me from my brain freeze. Here's a few fun things to try.

Need a character name? Click HERE to generate one.

Need to translate something? Click HERE

How about adding a randomly generated title to your newest work? (This is an especially useful tool if you don't care whether it matches your story.) Click HERE

If you'd like to write SOMETHING, but need a nudge, click HERE for a creative writing prompt (remember those from high school?!).

Would you like to create a poem with an engine? (OK, the purpose of this one escapes me, but it's a widget so here it is, and here's a little warning, some of the choices are a bit "spicy"): Poem Engine

And finally, here is a page full of links to Language Arts or Word games (think Scrabble, Boggle, Bones, etc.): BUNCHA WORD GAMES

Well. Now that I've written a blog about absolutely nothing of importance, I'm outta here! Have fun!


Catrina Bradley said...

No Importance!?! I bookmarked the title-generator. Some of those titles are story idea generators, too! I think I'm going to write either "Strawberry Speed" or "Sweltering Frosty".

"It was hot the day Jimmy Bob shot up the Frosty machine down at the Wendy's.


Sara Harricharan said...

LOL, Dee! I love this post! I also bookmarked the name AND title generator. lolz. What a fun post-I loved the name Jalia...*grin* It might show up in the near future.