Thursday, August 14, 2008


Sometimes we have showers of blessings from the Lord and we know we are being showered. Sometimes the blessings come like little drops of rain and we still know we are being blessed, but we feel dry spells between. Sometimes, our blessings appear few and far between. We get scratchy dry throats and parched souls from not feeling that lovely moisture from Heaven. Those are the days when we really need to stop and realize that many of God's blessings are given to us as we wake each morning. No big ta-da!, no trumpet fanfare, so we forget they are blessings.

Today I want to be grateful for those unseen and often ignored blessings. Here are some of them: a healthy son and husband, a home that is dry, comfy, and cool, a car that gets me from point A to point B without too much trouble, a family that cares for me, friends, the ability to write, a laptop to write upon, and freedom to pursue my dreams as I wish. Oh! So many, many lovely blessings from His delighted heart can't contain them all and to the Lord I give praise and glory for raining down on me each day these many "invisible" blessings!

"May the peoples praise you, O God;
may all the peoples praise you." Psalm 67:5


Yvonne Blake said...

Yes, isn't the Lord good to us?

Patty Wysong said...

Seeing these blessings--choosing to see them--always makes life brigher! Thanks for the reminder!

LauraLee Shaw said...

The Lord is so good, all the time. And the best thing of all is that it endures forever. Thank you for helping me sing my blessings today.