Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who am I?

I love the new look to my blog page! I especially like the music that I added. If I had to describe the four things that really identify who I am, they would be: music, art, writing, and science. I take special joy in having time to play with each of those interests. Music has been close to me my whole life. My sister and I were stood on the altar rail (so we could be seen!)at ages 5 and 4 to sing "Whisper a Prayer" in harmony. We grew up singing together and took many music and choir classes during school years. Both of us were chosen to sing solos in our respective senior music programs and we both participated in Solo and Ensemble contests. We also sang in the show ensemble for our school. When I went to college, I sang whenever I could. I love singing harmony-it comes very naturally to me and I can hear the notes of all the parts as I sing. The songs I selected for "Dee's Favorites" on my blog are a mixture of the many styles I enjoy. I DO love Contemporary Christian rock and since it was birthed during my high school and college years (the '70's Jesus music era), I love the old bands and artists from the early days of contemporary Christian music.

I love art! I especially love graphic art and have made many of my own cards to give to my friends and relatives. I don't have time to do that much anymore, but I still like playing around with art on the computer. I toyed with going to school for more art training since I was often frustrated with my lack of skills in painting and sketch. My favorite medium is watercolor. I love the subtlety of the images. I am enamored of the Impressionist artists-they painted the way I saw the world before I got my glasses in 4th grade-blurry and fuzzy with all the colors running together!

Writing has been in my soul from the time I learned to spell. I was always "making books" when I was a youngster and I love to tell stories with lots of mood and emotion. Stories are in my head all of the time. I sometimes get lost in thought while a new story percolates in my brain! The joy of my life has been finding Faithwriters and entering the Weekly Challenges. I love writing and feel that I have finally found my niche!

As for the sciences, I would give an arm and a leg for a good compound microscope! I love microbiology, and especially water microbiology. The intricacies of this tiny world are mind-boggling. My interest in microbiology lead me to study creation science. I love learning about the world from the viewpoint that an imaginative and orderly Creator designed each process and each little cell and it's function. My dream trip at the end of this summer is to travel to the Creation Science museum outside of Cincinnati. Can't wait!

So the sum total of me is a conglomeration of art, music, science, and writing. All of these interests have made my life fun and challenging and I'm so very glad the Creator "knit me together" using His own unique pattern and plan for my life.
"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you..." Jeremiah 1:5 The Holy Bible, NIV


Laury said...

I love every part of you, Dee! Thanks for sharing all of your interests! Fun. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these songs, too. I'm really going down memory lane trying to remember all the old singers I used to listen to!

OH! And I just love your new look on the blog! WOWEE!!!! AWESOME!

Joanne Sher said...

What a wonderful combination makes up our lovely Dee! I LOVE your new look, my dear - and I would also LOVE to go to the Creation Museum. Maybe we can have a Jeweler Field trip!!

Patty Wysong said...

I never knew you were an artsy one, too, Dee! That's so neat! I love your new look here! Huggles!

Sara Harricharan said...

I like your 'artsy side' dearest Dee! ^_^ And I love your music too-Sara Groves is an awesome singer!